We are proud to be Boston's first alcohol-free bottle shop.

We founded this company with one clear objective in mind: Sourcing quality alcohol-free drinks that are better than the beverages we consumed before.⁠ Alcohol-free alternatives can taste similar to classic spirits, but without all the other icky things they usually come with, like chemicals and lousy side effects. ⁠

All of the products and brands on our site have been thoroughly tested for taste - only using high-quality ingredients - and made by people who know what they're doing. ⁠

We believe in destigmatizing sober and sober-curious culture by delivering the finer things, without the hangover. 



    We believe in destigmatizing sober and sober-curious culture by delivering the finer things, without the hangover.


    We aren’t just a marketplace. We want to make delicious alcohol-free alternatives accessible by putting them on local restaurant menus, at your dinner table, local markets, and at your door.


    We care about quality. We only have really great tasting alternatives that leave the chemicals out the door.


Hi, Hello!

At the age of 25, I have fully broken up with alcohol. Binge drinking is engrained in our society but does anyone like waking up with a wicked hungover? Or getting the subsequent day anxiety thinking about all the drunken embarrassing things you did or said? I've been there too many times.

I quit alcohol cold turkey after starting anti-depressants to better my mental health. It was the best decision I ever made. However, after discovering some knock-my-socks off fantastic zero-proof alternatives, I still found it challenging to find alcohol-free options locally.

Sóbráilte was born with the mission to make alcohol-free alternatives more accessible in the Boston area so they can be a part of weekly errands or big celebrations.

I want to show young people you can still have a great time without the influence of alcohol and still have a delicious drink in your hand.

Founder, Katie Manning

Your common Q's answered:

What is an alcohol-free bottle shop?

We're an upscale liquor store without the alcohol, this is how we would often describe ourselves. But it's just one part of what we really do. We curate and sell the best zero-proof products that can be found on the market today. We offer a wide selection of zero-proof items for sale in our store. All products we carry have been carefully reviewed to ensure quality. Our personal favorites are here as well, because why shouldn't they be?

What does "sober-curious" mean?

The term sober curious is used to describe the decision to decrease alcohol consumption. As the name suggests, it encourages participants to scale back their alcohol consumption and/or start experimenting with a completely alcohol free lifestyle. The sober curious lifestyle takes a holistic approach towards wellness by encouraging healthier lifestyle choices. By reducing your alcohol consumption, you may experience significant health benefits.

Why drink alcohol free?

Most conversations go like this:

“Why would I drink alcohol-free wine?”

Well, do you enjoy the taste of wine?


Then that's the point. 

Are you just online or do you have a physical shop?

We are currently online with pop-ups and events in the Boston area. Stay updated on local happenings and announcements through our newsletter or social media platforms.

As we're building Boston's first alcohol-free bottle shop and bar, we welcome anyone who wishes to invest in our project - please message us here or connect with us at team@sobrailte.com.

omg I'm so happy to see this! Love what you are doing! I'm an energy healer/spiritual guide. I've been sober for 10 years and work with a ton of clients in recovery.

- Ariana B

So excited! I cannot wait to finally have a spot nearby to pick up some zero-proof rosé or spirits for dinner parties.

- Amy Z.

I have been semi-sober for three years now and love NULL wines, TÖST, and Ritual. This is brilliant!

- Gigi R.

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