Coming to Boston This Summer, Sóbráilte Aims To Make Alcohol-Free Beverages More Accessible

BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2022 / Alcohol-free beverages will be easier to find this summer in Boston. Sóbráilte's mission is to bring alcohol-free craft cocktails, options, and alternatives to the greater Boston area.

There is growing interest in alcohol-free beverages, yet it is challenging to find options in stores. Dave Deuser, CEO of Sales and Marketing, Radeberger Gruppe USA, finds "younger consumers drive the category." For many members of Gen Z, drinking is not a social norm. With 1.8 billion impressions of the sober hashtag, it has become an outlet for people who do not drink and those curious about how sobriety can affect mental well-being.

By bringing products to the community, Sóbráilte is eliminating the friction of trying or buying alcohol-free products - creating a retail experience that is as much about community as commerce. The market for quality boutique non-alcoholic craft options is fragmented, with digital distribution as the core channel for sales - pop-ups and in-person experiences unlock tastings and experiential sales for an emerging market. Sóbráilte is proud to become the first alcohol-free focused retailer in Boston.

Sóbráilte pop-ups will be coming to the Boston area this summer. Sóbráilte will also be launching an online store in June.


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